The first two listings under the Edit Menu enable you to compare tables by renaming and reordering the elements.

To rename, enter the new names in the second row directly under the element that is being renamed, as illustrated on the right. Then press Rename.

To reorder, enter the new order in the second row. Then press Reorder.

Expand adds a new row and column to a table in case you want to enlarge it.

Restrict allows you to delete selected elements. You may want to experiment with deleting elements to see if you can find a smaller group.

A dihedral, permutation, or product group displays with a key that shows what each letter represents, as illustrated on the right. Change Detail replaces letters in the table with entries in the key, so you can see how the entries are computed. It toggles back to the original entries.

Copy Active Form copies a table, lattice, or any form on the screen so that you can paste it in a word processor, which is a valuable tool for saving and writing about your work.

You can also arrange your tables and lattices on the screen, press <Shift><PrintScrn>, paste  it in Paint, save it, then crop it in a Picture Editor.

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